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Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

What We're Doing for the Environment:

Here at the Westin Savannah Harbor, we recognize that going green is not just about writing a policy, it’s a way of life. We value the health of our community and our planet and will work to constantly improve our energy, resource, and water use, as well as our waste disposal programs.

To help us in our journey towards sustainability, we are pursuing certification by Green Seal, a non-profit organization committed to environmental standard setting, product certification, and public education. In addition, the Club at Savannah Harbor is pursuing Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Certification (ACSP), which is administered by Audubon International for success in environmental stewardship.

Environmental Mission

  • To strike a balance between business goals and environmental and cultural stewardship

All departments/operations

  • All of the light bulbs in the hotel (with the exception of certain public areas with decorative lighting) have been changed over to energy efficient fluorescent bulbs
  • Utilization of natural lighting in lobby, guest rooms, and restaurants
  • About half of utility fleet is made up of electric carts
  • Low flow faucet aerators on all sinks
  • Low flow shower heads and toilets
  • Sell and donate used furniture and appliances (such as a donation of 6,500 square feet of carpet to the Greenbriar Children’s Center)
  • Reduced packaging when possible, such as bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms, and recyclable amenity containers for guests
  • Energy Management System for hotel and club is computer operated and programmed to heat/cool areas only when needed. Zones are cycled off at night or put in "night mode"
  • 3M energy films on all public space windows in the hotel
  • "Lights off" program cycles off lights in areas of the hotel (such as office areas) when not in use
  • Renovation: during our recent renovation we used furniture made from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Certified Lumber from managed forests, water-based finishing with minimal VOC emissions, and recycled, post-consumer steel springs, clips and staples. All fabrics were treated with state-of-the-art technology of Nano-Tex, which meets or exceed all environmental, health and safety standards mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States
  • Confidential document shredding and recycling
  • Green council established to manage and monitor green initiatives
  • Use of a minimum 30% post-consumer recycled material card stock in all new printed materials

The Club at Savannah Harbor

  • Use of effluent (reclaimed) water to irrigate the golf course
  • Implemented drip irrigation to club deck planters
  • Installed rain sensors to all irrigation controllers
  • Use evaporative transpiration based methodology for all irrigation cycles
  • Use of glow mineral make-up and Spa Ritual organic nail polish at the Greenbrier Spa
  • Zen Sei clothing is made from a bamboo mix material, allowing cold water wash and minimal drying
  • Jimmy Belasco Soy Candles are shipped in recycled packaging and are clean burning, meaning no carcinogens into the air and product burns down 100%

Audio/Visual (Presentation Services)

  • Equipment recycling
  • Use of green technology such as LED lighting and Energy Star products when possible


  • Bed Linen and Towel Conservation programs - save water & energy as well as reducing use of soap products. Guests choose whether or not to have their bed linen and towels changed daily
  • Lights and HVAC shut off and blinds closed in unoccupied rooms
  • Use of EcoLab cleaning products


  • Recycling program for paper, plastic, aluminum
  • Donate used kitchen grease to a local biodiesel program, Refuel Savannah


  • No Styrofoam is used on the property
  • Use of products with recycled content when available
  • Purchasing paper products made from recycled content (Preference toilet tissue is made with 20% post consumer recycled fiber, paper products and office paper have 30% post consumer recycled fiber content)
  • Refillable fire extinguishers
  • Refurbishing outdoor furniture instead of buying new
  • Purchase of Energy Star appliances when available


  • Purchase of local seafood
  • Purchase of local organic vegetables when available
  • Sustainable banquet menu available with free-range chicken, seasonal and signature South Georgia ingredients, Wild Georgia Shrimp
  • Donate extra food to associate cafeteria and local food bank
  • No aluminum used for cooking
  • Use of herbs (rosemary, lavender, ginger, sage, mint) grown in an on-site herb garden


  • Use of natural gas whenever available
  • Insulated hot water pipes


  • Use of eMenus, eProposals, and digital contracts

Hotel Grounds and Landscaping

  • Use of drip irrigation on all shrub and landscape beds
  • Installed rain sensor to irrigation controller
  • Installation of perennial and indigenous landscape planting materials vs. exclusively annual plantings

Human Resources

  • Online application reduces paper usage
  • Double sided printing of HR forms

Sustainable Purchasing Policy

  • Purchasing Targets (As items become available through our corporate procurement office)
  • Recycled paper products by the end of 2009
  • Recycled disposable products by the end of 2011

Steering committee

  • The Green Council serves as the steering committee for sustainable purchasing. The council members are fluent in the green initiatives at The Westin Savannah Harbor, and work to ensure that the policy is maintained and that future goals are met

General Purchasing

  • For all products, the purchasing of environmentally friendly products and services is limited to what is offered through corporate procurement. When environmentally friendly products are available, they will be chosen over less environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Life cycle cost, and certifications will be considered when purchasing products
  • Purchase testing of potential environmentally responsible products and services will occur when an environmentally responsible alternative to a current product becomes available through corporate procurement
  • Preference will be given to energy efficient windows and building systems when replacement occurs
  • Disposable paper products will contain recycled material
  • Environmentally responsible service providers will be preferred

Chemical Purchasing

  • When purchasing chemicals and cleaning supplies, preferred products will:
    • Contain no or minimal chlorine
    • Be biodegradable
    • Products with low or no VOC off-gassing potential will be preferred (this applies to cleaning products, paints, building materials, rugs and carpets, furniture and furnishings, laminated products, adhesives, sealants, caulking compounds, office supplie

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