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Savannah International Trade & Convention Center

Green Since: February 26, 2009

What We're Doing for the Environment:

Initiatives Currently In Place:

  • All facility restroom toilets and urinals have been retrofitted to automatic, low flush (water flow).
  • All facility restroom sinks operate with motion detecting valves and the valve orifices reduce the amount of water sent to the drain.
  • Corrugated cardboard is recycled.
  • Use of coreless paper products in restrooms minimizes waste.
  • Use of green-lamp florescent tubes in service hallways and lobby areas.
  • Motion activated occupancy sensors are installed in the Administration offices and back of house storage areas.
  • Old facility bulbs, ballasts, toner, and riding equipment batteries are removed and recycled.
  • Mechanical and water treatment systems utilize earth friendly chemicals.
  • 50% of janitorial products utilized are Green clean zone certified and approved.
  • Variable frequency drives are installed on facility pumps, motors, and other operating systems to reduce electrical demand and deliver only the power required.
  • Purchase of EPA energy star level office equipment.
  • Powering down facility coolers and concession equipment during periods of facility inactivity.
  • Double-sided copying and printing documents when only necessary are standard forms of practice.
  • Usage of Apogee building management control system. System allows for air quality, heating ventilation, and cooling system efficiency through sequencing of facility chiller units, carbon dioxide checks, and reporting. System also features a computer based control of lighting that eliminates long durations of unnecessary use.

FY 09’ & FY 10’ Planned Initiatives:

  • Enhancement of facility recycling program which will serve to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, foam core signage, and wooden pallets.
  • Conversion of all facility urinals to water free.
  • Increase fleet fuel efficiency by securing off-site equipment storage space to service off-premise Savor Savannah events.
  • Installation of K-Plate Frame Heat Exchanger. This equipment will decrease usage and extend the life of the facility chillers by operating during cooler weather season and provide optimum energy conservation.
  • Continued conversion of facility incandescent lighting to more energy efficient lighting. Currently of the over 8,000 light fixtures in the facility, less than 25%, or 2,016 are incandescent fixtures.
  • Expand motion sensor lighting to facility boardrooms.
  • Purchasing of charcoal filters to service facility air handler units. Unlike standard pleated air filters, charcoal filters can be recycled and reused in the air handlers.

Future Research & Facility Goals:

  • Investigate roof mounted solar wind panels.
  • Expand motion sensor lighting to meeting room space areas.
  • Additional lighting and plumbing retrofits.
  • Set a goal of energy efficient improvement of 10% or more each year.
  • Expand network of Green partners and vendors.

Food & Beverage:

  • Work with meeting planners to make the greening of their meetings attainable for any conference or meeting.All of our disposable products are made from renewable resources (sugar cane bi-product, potato starch, and corn. And are also all 100% compostable.
  • We are using the Apex system developed by Ecolab that is saving on the usage of harmful packaging material and providing us with a biodegradable solution to dishwashing.
  • We are also using a 3M system for our everyday cleaners. In which we are saving on the use of harmful packaging material by way of using shipped in concentrate and converting to a “ready to use” state on site. The system also provides us with biodegradable solutions to some of our additional cleaning products.

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