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Country Inn & Suites Savannah Midtown

What We're Doing for the Environment:

  1. Linen Re-use program giving guests the option to reuse their linens;card in room describing program.
  2. Recycle containers in hallway for plastic and aluminum products.
  3. AC's set at 78 when rooms are empty and heaters off when rooms not in use in the winter.
  4. New laundry washers certified energy efficient.
  5. Lights and equipment awareness to ensure that areas are darkened when not in use.
  6. Utilization of all in one copier,fax,scanner to save on electricity.
  7. New toilets in lobby restroom with low flush to conserve water.
  8. Recycling of paper for interoffice reports, printing on back and front.
  9. Use of back of interoffice paper for scratch paper.
  10. Implementation of fluorescent lighting in hallways and common areas.
  11. Installation of new tubs and hardware for low water use.
  12. Use of ceramic plates,glasses, ceramic coffee cups, silverware in Breakfast room.
  13. Yogurt in one bowl to make parfaits instead of individual disposable cups.
  14. Clean litter every day from the grounds preserving the natural habitat of the surrounding area.


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